No grit. No pearl.


No grit. No pearl. What a wonderful way to express God’s way of turning hardships into something beautiful.¬† Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a stress free life? One with no bills, or hardships. The babies all fell asleep at 7 pm. (and didn’t wake up till morning…late morning…) There was always enough money to pay the bills. Your big “kids” were polite, and respectful, and always did their chores without reminding.¬† Divorce didn’t happen, people didn’t get sick, families didn’t fall apart. But we don’t live in that world. We live in a world with friends that hurt us, and spouses that aren’t perfect. The bills will keep coming, even if your income doesn’t.

God doesn’t cause those things to happen. He can make something beautiful from the grit in our lives, though. We can gain compassion, understanding, and strength that wouldn’t have been possible had we not walked through those hard times.

Have you ever heard of a hot house lily? They live a pampered life. Once you put them under any kind of stress, they wilt away. God doesn’t want us to be hot house lilies. He needs strong people to advance His kingdom.

If you are walking through a hard time, if that grit seems too much to bear, pick yourself up. Turn your heart to Him. Ask for guidance. Seek His word. Don’t be a hot house lily. Turn that grit into a pearl.


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